VTC Floor Cleaning

VTC (Vinyl Composite Tile)
Stripping & Waxing

Years of heavy traffic on your VTC flooring can cause it to lose its shine and look dull and grimy. Sweeping and mopping alone will not completely restore a VTC floor to its original shine. The only way to achieve that level of restoration is to have the floor professionally stripped and waxed.

The professional cleaning staff at Heaven’s Best SGA, LLC have extensive training in stripping VTC flooring to remove the old wax to prepare the floor for new wax. Contrary to some articles on the internet, VTC floor stripping and waxing is not a DIY project. Attempting to refinish the floor without proper training and experience can result in your floors looking worse than when you started.

VTC Floor Refinishing

The professionals at Heaven’s Best of South Georgia can make your VTC Floors shine like new! Click the button to the right to get a no obligation FREE quote.