Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching and Repair

Carpet stretching is typically employed when flooring is starting to ripple or bunch up in the home. Ripples and bunching is often caused by sliding around heavy furniture, heavy foot traffic, mistakes during installation, and possible manufacturing defects. While slight rippling may not seem like a major cause for concern, it will worsen over time causing accelerated wear and damage if it is not repaired. As rippling continues to worsen it can become a safety hazard potentially causing someone to trip and fall. Failing to repair rippling and bunching could result in having to replace the carpet altogether. 

Our Process

  • Untacking the rippled or bunched carpet from near the walls.
  • Using specialized tools such as a Knee Kicker or Power Stretcher.
  • Cutting the newly stretched carpet to remove the excess.
  • Hand Tucking & Re-tacking the carpet.
  • Thorough Final Inspection to be sure the job is done right!

Carpet Stretching

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